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Sound Dampening Panels for Home Studios

Building a home studio to record music or make your own podcast is more and more common. While quality recording equipment has becoming more accessible, more user friendly, and more affordable there are still a lot of mistakes people make when building their home studio. Among the most egregious is not properly soundproofing the recording area.

You hear it on a wide array of podcasts by popular comedians and personalities. The bleed of sound from the streets can become distracting and has even made some otherwise interesting recordings unlistenable. For musicians the soundproofing serves two purposes, preserving a quality recording and preserving the peace with neighbors.

If you are planning to put together a home studio sound dampening panels are one of the most important purchases you will make. By installing these panels strategically on the walls of the studio you can ensure that sound will not get in and out. If making something that sounds good is important to you your studio needs panels as soon as possible.