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Podcasting Grows Thanks to Affordable Home Recording

Today is a very exciting day for home recording and podcasting. Marc Maron, the misanthropic comedy guru who turned the comedy podcast into a phenomenon, is welcoming his biggest scoop ever. President Barack Obama will be on his podcast WTF, recorded in his garage.

This kind of news shows just how far the art of podcasting has come over the last few years. It is a testament to the openness of the Internet, the popularity of this formerly niche format, and the advances in home recording technology that has facilitated podcaster’s across the globe.

We have played our part by offering mixers, microphones, and other gear at prices that are easily accessible. The results has been a media explosion that has now landed at the highest halls of political power. For anyone who has been paying attention podcasting has been a slowly growing snowball achieving new milestones with each passing month and every passing year. There was Serial, the incredibly popular true crime exploration, hitting a million downloads. There has been the success of Chris Hardwick, jumping from his Nerdist podcast to a position akin to being the hipster Ryan Seacrest with a number of television projects.

In a way it was only a matter of time until Marc Maron was trying to get the occupant of the White House to open up at the Cat Ranch.