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Light Meters Aren’t Just for the Pros Anymore

More than ever before the tools needed to express yourself are accessible. Everyone from musicians to visual artists can create their works and distribute them easier than ever before. This seems even more true of filmmakers.

In the past creating a professional looking film was an impossible task for anyone who lacked financing. In fact even professional productions were often marred by the limits of the equipment a director could afford. As things moved from the quaint and analog world of actual film, to the dynamic and affordable realm of digital video the medium and the way both professionals and amateurs worked in it was revolutionized.

That revolution has meant a decisive improvement in the quality of work being made by even the greenest of movie makers. It is no longer okay to make work that gets a point across but looks rough around the edges, unless that’s what you were going for. Instead viral videos are now put together with the kind of attention to detail formerly commensurate with the works of award winning auteurs.

It is this focus on aesthetics that has Pyle Audio highlighting the importance of light meters. Giving a piece of video the right look requires a specific understanding of the lighting that is present and our affordable and easy to use light meters are perfect for doing just that!