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Digital Drums Are Here To Stay

The drum pad has had a strange life in popular music. From its early days as an integral part of the sound of German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk to its short lived heyday as a central instrument in a variety of synth-pop bands in the 1980’s through it’s more than 30 year run as an option for everyone from Nine Inch Nails to St. Vincent, electronic drums have developed something of a storied history.

Electronic drums were initially created to accurately approximate the sound of live drums in a more affordable, more easily amplified, and more easily transported guise. While the accuracy of those sounds was questionable many musicians found incredible uses for the new devices and their particular capabilities. These days the machines can more accurately create the sounds of real drums or they can offer an endless range of sonic possibilities far beyond the range of sound found on original drum machines.

Pyle Audio has taken the electronic drums even further into a range of easy affordability. No longer prohibitively expensive bedroom recording artists and rich pop stars alike can now wield these nifty devices in service of their next songs!