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Sea Oriented Playlists and Weatherproof Speakers

Pyle Audio has long specialized in mobile audio setups. This focus extends from the world of awesome car stereo systems to sound systems designed specifically for boats. The boat speakers include things many car setups do not, including weatherproof speakers that can compete with the choppy sounds of the sea and the roar of your boat’s engine.

If you are looking for nautical themed music bound to make your Spotify playlist the boldest on the seven seas we have some suggestions:

  • Toto “Rosanna”: A yacht rock classic is a necessity for any playlist at sea. We like “Rosanna” but would settle for “Africa” or any number of other hits by bands like Christopher Cross or Loggins & Messina.
  • The Decemberists “The Mariner’s Revenge Song”: Long and expansive this sea shanty tells an intricate story of sea faring danger. It can offer your jaunt a little bit of epic flare.
  • Fountains of Wayne “Sink to the Bottom”: Obviously you do not want to sink while at sea but this beautifully sweet ditty will warm your heart and inspire singalongs that will negate these connotations.
  • Harry Belafonte “Banana Boat(Day-O)”: Speaking of singalongs, this classic is a must have. Get the everyone on board singing along with the impossible to forget song!
  • Styx “Come Sail Away”: Maybe you have a motorboat, that does nothing to deplete the perfection that is this Styx sailing classic!