Portable Speakers for the Beach and Beyond!

August is here and the dog days of summer are fast approaching. Luckily there is still ample time to soak up the sun and hit the beach before the temperatures start to cool. When heading to the beach you’re going to want some vital supplies like sunscreen, snacks, and of course speakers!

The beach is just not as fun without a great summer soundtrack. Now thanks to your smartphone’s music streaming app and a great portable Bluetooth speaker from Pyle you can enjoy your tunes in the sun for hours at a time. With easy to handle volume control you can keep your playlist to yourself or blast it for a summer barbecue with friends.

Best of all these portable speakers are easy to move anywhere you need to go without sacrificing the bunch of their high quality stereo sound. The Bluetooth technology offers one touch connection on most smartphones and tablets meaning you can easily switch between guests’ separate devices and playlists!

While you are making plans to hit the beach, or have any outdoor fun in the coming month, consider bringing along some easily mobilized entertainment with you!

Light Meters Aren’t Just for the Pros Anymore

More than ever before the tools needed to express yourself are accessible. Everyone from musicians to visual artists can create their works and distribute them easier than ever before. This seems even more true of filmmakers.

In the past creating a professional looking film was an impossible task for anyone who lacked financing. In fact even professional productions were often marred by the limits of the equipment a director could afford. As things moved from the quaint and analog world of actual film, to the dynamic and affordable realm of digital video the medium and the way both professionals and amateurs worked in it was revolutionized.

That revolution has meant a decisive improvement in the quality of work being made by even the greenest of movie makers. It is no longer okay to make work that gets a point across but looks rough around the edges, unless that’s what you were going for. Instead viral videos are now put together with the kind of attention to detail formerly commensurate with the works of award winning auteurs.

It is this focus on aesthetics that has Pyle Audio highlighting the importance of light meters. Giving a piece of video the right look requires a specific understanding of the lighting that is present and our affordable and easy to use light meters are perfect for doing just that!

Sea Oriented Playlists and Weatherproof Speakers

Pyle Audio has long specialized in mobile audio setups. This focus extends from the world of awesome car stereo systems to sound systems designed specifically for boats. The boat speakers include things many car setups do not, including weatherproof speakers that can compete with the choppy sounds of the sea and the roar of your boat’s engine.

If you are looking for nautical themed music bound to make your Spotify playlist the boldest on the seven seas we have some suggestions:

  • Toto “Rosanna”: A yacht rock classic is a necessity for any playlist at sea. We like “Rosanna” but would settle for “Africa” or any number of other hits by bands like Christopher Cross or Loggins & Messina.
  • The Decemberists “The Mariner’s Revenge Song”: Long and expansive this sea shanty tells an intricate story of sea faring danger. It can offer your jaunt a little bit of epic flare.
  • Fountains of Wayne “Sink to the Bottom”: Obviously you do not want to sink while at sea but this beautifully sweet ditty will warm your heart and inspire singalongs that will negate these connotations.
  • Harry Belafonte “Banana Boat(Day-O)”: Speaking of singalongs, this classic is a must have. Get the everyone on board singing along with the impossible to forget song!
  • Styx “Come Sail Away”: Maybe you have a motorboat, that does nothing to deplete the perfection that is this Styx sailing classic!

Megaphones Are a Must for Camp Counselors

Keeping large groups of children organized is no easy task and camp counsellors know it. As July begins many camps are just getting started and new counsellors are looking for tools and systems for keeping things fun and organized. While a clipboard and name tags offer great analogue assistance rallying your troops might require a little more juice.

A megaphone is a great asset for anyone in charge of a large group. Simply being heard by all of those kids is going to be vital this summer. In addition to amplifying your voice these megaphones have sirens and other sound effects, perfect for creating signals that kids understand. When you hit the siren all of the kids can lineup in a central location. This is a great way to get organized quick in emergency situations.

No matter how loud you yell a megaphone will offer you the extra volume and clear authority that you will need to be an effective leader. Be careful to not over do it. When it comes to a megaphone a little bit goes a long way!

Thermometers, Air Pressure, and More

Whether you are an avid gardener or a cigar enthusiast trying to keep your humidor the right temperature being able to accurately measure the climate can be vital. Thermometers are just the first most important device in these cases. Often a wind velocity meter and humidity meter can come in handy. Once you become aware of the trends in temperature around your home you will be able to adjust to the needs of whatever hobby has you testing these things.

The good news is often you can get several of these tools in one handy device. Rather than merely being able to measure air pressure or humidity you can measure both with one easy device. This will shorten the process for checking each of these metrics. Pyle has developed a number of these devices and offers them at way better prices than much of their competition.

If you are looking to better understand the climate in or around your home these devices can go a long way in helping.