Outsourcing: What can a Business Outsource 2016

Outsourcing has become a popular choice among many business owners worldwide and it is because of the great advantages outsourcing can offer a business.

From cutting down on operational costs and having access to greater knowledge, to streamlining businesses processes and increasing internal business productivity, outsourcing has proved to be an effecting tool for many companies and businesses.

The list of what tasks and jobs can be outsourced, is long, but below is a list of the most commonly outsourced tasks and jobs. You will find that most of these services are specialized services, requiring expertise and professional understanding in a certain, specialized field.

Information Technology (IT) Services

The outsourcing of Information Technology (IT) services has become very popular and it because of the great advantages outsourcing in this field can offer a business or company.

Having IT personal on staff can be quite expensive and, by outsourcing, it can cut costs. It also has the added benefit of having not only one or two IT employees at your disposal, but the knowledge of an entire company. Keeping up with advancing technologies are also more effective and less expensive when outsourcing.

Marketing With Design Agencies

Graphic Design

Very few companies have a Graphic Designer on staff simply because it is not an employee they have a use for on a daily basis. Having the option to outsource graphic design services, businesses have access to a lot of talented designers at competitive prices. Another added bonus is the fact that a company can look through the portfolio of a freelancer or company and decide which styles best suits them and their companies.

What also makes outsourcing in this field so popular is the fact that a company has the choice of sticking with a tried and tested graphic designer, or looking for someone with fresher and more effective design skills. This is great for when you are looking to give your business or company a ‘visual’ makeover.

Copy Writing/Blog Writer

Having a Copy Writer or Blog Writer on staff to do tasks that come around once or twice a month, will be more expensive than outsourcing the task to a professional or to a company. There are quite a lot of freelance writers out there, and a company can choose a professional that best suits their style and needs. This gives the company more freedom in terms of content by allowing it to play around with content styles.

Outsourcing these types of tasks can be quite tricky, but asking for samples and ‘testing’ the writer, will help you decide if he or she is the right person for the job.

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Not all business owners are equipped to deal with the business’s accounting and other financial needs. Outsourcing this task to another company can help to save time as well as cut down on costs. It also enables the business to have contact with a group of professionals in a field that he/she might not completely understand.


Web Developers

Web Developers and Web Development Companies are the type of professionals that specialize in the design and implementation of websites for example. A business needs only one website and website design, so outsourcing this once-off deal is much more cost effective.


Many smaller businesses cannot afford to have marketing team on staff twenty-four-seven and thus opt to outsource marketing and marketing related tasks. It is an effective way of getting a foot in a market and industry the business owner might not fully understand. Outsourcing to professionals in this field will allow a business to have a full marketing plan without having to use its own human resources.

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Outsourcing the above services does not necessarily involve using another company or business, but freelance individuals as well.

Many services, including Graphic Design, Web Development, Copy Writing and Editing, as well as Programming and Coding, are many times outsourced to freelance professionals.

Great places to find Freelancers include institutions such as LinkedIn and Elance, to name but two examples.

Always remember to do your research before outsourcing any services to a company or professional. A portfolio of samples of work can be shown by many companies and freelancers in specialized fields such as Graphic Design and Writing services.