Mobile Audio: Passing The Sound Around

Musicians have been doing it for years. You’re in the studio late at night. You’re putting the finishing touches on some sonic masterpiece. It’s done, or at least you think it is. You will never know until you take it to the street. So you burn a disc and head for your car. You crank the car audio speakers up. You start the car and you let the music fill your head and the streets.┬áMusicians get pretty amped from hearing their own song rattle the car audio amplifiers.

“I never know a song is done until it turns a few heads in the street,” says Casey Jost of the band Les Vinyl. “I never feel it in the studio. But in my Yaris, that’s where music lives.”

Jost is not alone. He says every musician he’s friends with does the same thing.

“All the guys I know who are in bands and don’t have cars are terrible!” Jost aggressively declared. “It’s like they’ve never heard a song before and now they’re trying to make one. But that’s not a song, that’s a box.”

Obviously he is being hyperbolic for affect, but that doesn’t make it not true. Listening to music while driving is the way most of us have our first musical memories. I for one am glad to see that that never changes.

Check out Les Vinyl: Here!

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Posted on: Monday, March 21st, 2011 at 9:00 am

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