Great Tunes for Outdoor Parties with Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakersEntertaining in the yard is one of the great pleasures of spring and summer weather. You fire up the grill, invite folks over to lounge in the pool or simply to take in the sun. While you do so it is a great idea to have some of the best summer jams piped into your yard.

Bringing your stereo’s full capabilities outside is easier than ever thanks to Bluetooth speakers. By setting up your Bluetooth speakers on the deck or in the backyard you can keep the tunes coming without having to move your bulk stereo at all. Simply set up a great playlist or a collection of your favorite CD’s and fire up the tunes.

As the music pipes into the backyard you will find yourself and your guests having a more rousing time. The sound quality of these Bluetooth speakers is simply undeniable. Great audio fidelity is not something you can general guarantee feet away from the source but Bluetooth technology has made great strides in improving that quality. This is why now more than ever people are using Bluetooth for many of their audio needs.

Enjoy your summer parties and the great tunes that come along with them!

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Your DJ Equipment Starter Kit

DJ equipementAspiring to be a DJ can seem a lot more complicated than attempting to become another kind of musician. (Please leave your “DJ’s are not musicians” arguments at the door.) Unlike playing guitar or picking up the keyboard DJ’s often need a lot of DJ equipment before they can even get started in their pursuits.

From mixers to high performance turntables to Bluetooth speakers it is hard getting a DJ starter kit. Luckily everything you need is manufactured by Pyle Audio and there are even some items available directly from our website. Here are the basics:

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Record Store Day 2014

retro style turntablesIf you are like us you love listening to music on a retro style turntable. These stylish and sturdy devices offer all of the charm of a turntable(classic design, warm audio, etc.) while also offering a USB port, perfect for transferring those LPs to your computer’s hard-drive. They can also hook up comfortably to Bluetooth speakers.

For people who are fans of vinyl there is a very special day coming up in April. On Saturday April 9th stores across the country will be celebrating Record Store Day. An annual event designed to get people into record stores and remind them of the joys of buying music, Record Store Day has become one of the most celebrated events of the year among the music nerd class.

Artists from big pop acts(One Direction), to classic rock bands(The Allman Brothers), to hipster dance acts(Disclosure), to cult acts(Half Japanese), to comedians(Scharpling and Wurster), will be releasing limited edition LP’s, 7 inches, and more to celebrate this event. The most sought after records in these bundles are inevitably bought up fast meaning you had better show up to your local store early.

Record Store Day is a great way to celebrate music. Every other day you can just put your favorite records on your retro style turntable.

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Cranking Music Around Cranky Neighbors

Looking to crank up some tunes in your apartment without rattling your neighbors nerves? There are some ways that you can enjoy some loud music without troubling those who live in proximity to you, they come down to showing consideration for those people. It also helps if your Bluetooth speakers are movable to make adjustments easier.

Here are some tips for kicking out the jams on your home audio equipment without getting noise complaints:

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DJ Music Must Haves, Spring 2014

DJ equipmentIf you are planning on rocking parties in 2014 as a DJ there are some things you must have. Obviously some high performance turntables or a laptop are key. If you are looking to really get the crowd going a microphone might help. For anyone who plans on taking their DJ setup on the road Bluetooth speakers can be helpful.

Still, there is something more important than DJ equipment(though not much more important), music. Here are some of the songs people love right now that no DJ should be without:

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Proper Bluetooth Speaker Placement

Bluetooth speakersProper speaker placement is key to enjoying your home audio equipment in an ideal way. There are specific ways that speakers should be mounted or simply placed in a room to make them sound ideal. At times circumstances can arise that force you to move the speakers around to get the ideal audio setup. Luckily with Bluetooth speakers movement is now easier than ever.

For optimal sound in general it is best to keep speakers between two and three feet away from the rear wall. This will help avoid the wall itself muddying up the sound of your Bluetooth speakers. If you happen to find that your speakers are sounding baseless you should move them closer to the walls. The base rattle will bounce off of the wall and deepen your stereo’s lower end.

It is best to keep speakers off the ground if possible. The floor can also affect the sound of your speakers and the speakers themselves can become a burden on anyone below you if you leave them resting on the ground. It is a good idea to invest in some wracks in order to mount the speakers above you. If that option is not available a stand for your entertainment system can also be helpful.

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DJ’s Need Portable Bluetooth Speakers

DJ equipmentAnyone can DJ in the age of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Now, there are a lot of DJ’s in the world who are currently utilizing turntables and other equipment that might be a little much for a beginner with an iPad. That said in order to DJ you really just need music and some loud sound equipment.

Mostly that means speakers. While many venues will have their own speakers by investing in portable Bluetooth speakers you are investing in a valuable resource. Suddenly you are not just a DJ but a guy who lends speakers to other DJ’s and entertainers. You are the man and now you have a little bit of extra income and a lot more connections in the industry just by offering up your Bluetooth speakers for rent.

Owning your own speakers also assures that any time you are doing a DJ set people will be able to hear you. You would be surprised by how many venues and events just are not prepared to provide the sound equipment a DJ needs to properly rock a crowd. Cutting out the middle man is always a good thing and doing so with some portable Bluetooth speakers is a decision you will not regret.

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Bluetooth Smart Scale

Bluetooth Smart ScaleMonitoring your health is way in and being uncaring about your health is losing steam fast. This is a great thing. The closer attention we pay to our health the more likely we will be to make the important changes needed to preserve ourselves. This is also a great development for the world of cool gadgets and Pyle is thrilled to be a part of that cult.

Our Bluetooth Smart Scale is a fantastic way to monitor your weight closely. It will help you to make informed decisions about what to eat and what kind of workout regimen is necessary to maintaining a healthy weight. Unlike a lot of other health products the set up here is practically nothing. Your phone and the scale will track weight loss and, sigh, weight gain. As things progress you will be informed about how your habits affect you.

Offering a full view of body fat, hydration levels, muscle level, and bone level percentages this scale will change the way you see your body. With its stylishly modern look the scale is also a great item for your bathroom or bedroom decor. This is the future of weight management and your chance to take a deeper look at your health.

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iPod Docks with Style and Sound Quality

home audio equipmentOne of the coolest things about smart phones and digital music players is how sleek and cool the designs of these items can get. Alas, the iPod docks that helped us use these digital carriers of tons of music were a little behind in the area of design, even as they provided great sound levels and alarm clock functions.

Luckily Pyle does not go into producing home audio equipment without trying to create the most stylish piece of quality sound equipment possible. These days there are a few variations of the traditional iPod docking stations available from Pyle Audio. Some of these are even available at deep discounts directly from our website.

These days with less people purchasing music on any kind of physical format is vital to be able to play our downloaded or streamed music at a loud volume. Music fans cannot live inside their headphones alone. Sometimes when you “get the Led out” you want to do it in a way that gets the neighbors’ attention. When you throw on the latest 2 Chainz album you want to be able to move to it in ways headphones can restrict. That is what these stylish iPod docks provide. Come see for yourself!

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With Movie Price Increases Home Theater Equipment Is More Practical Than Ever

In many of the biggest cities in America a simple trip to the movie theater can run a person nearly $14 a ticket. No matter how good The Wolf of Wall Street or I, Frankenstein might be that is too steep. By contrast a monthly Netflix subscription is around $10 and the streaming service offers a vast collection of entertainment options right at your fingertips at all times.

The time to upgrade your home entertainment system is now. If the explosive sound quality of the theater matters to you then why not consider buying some souped up Bluetooth speakers that can help you crank up your favorite movies and TV shows right in the comfort of your own home. These Bluetooth speakers can be adjusted to create a near surround sound feel to all of the entertainment you take in.

Once you have the sound in order Pyle Audio has widescreen projectors and pull down screens, perfect for matching your new big sound with the kind of big picture we head to the theater for.

Building your own home theater is easier and less expensive than ever just as going to the theater is pricier than it has ever been. Get some home theater equipment from Pyle Audio and start saving without sacrificing the fun.

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