Bluetooth Speaker for the Shower or Bath

Bluetooth SpeakersAs swimming season seems further and further behind us our time in the tub, be it a shower or a long soothing bath, seems more and more important. We want to get all of the rejuvenating energy we sometimes rely on water for in a shorter period of time. It is that kind of therapeutic relaxation that we want to make better and Pyle Audio has the perfect item to do just that.

With our waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the shower, tub, or anywhere you might fear your audio equipment could get wet, you can get cozy and listen to some relaxing music while bathing or soaking. The speaker is perfect for anyone who relies on  a nightly bath to unwind or someone who likes to hop in the shower and get their news at the same time. You can play anything you want from your smartphone or other Bluetooth device without fear of getting those items wet!

Check out our online shop for heavily discounted Bluetooth speakers today!

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Can Home Theater Equipment Help You Get In Shape?

Home Theater EquipmentYou spent a lot of money on that treadmill in the basement, yet it sits collecting dust. You need to motivate yourself and the rest of the family to do some exercise and the answer might be the kind of home theater equipment that turns the treadmill into a great opportunity to catch up on television or rock out.

With some kicking Bluetooth speakers and your home entertainment system the treadmill can be a healthy experience that also happens to be pretty fun. Listen to the two new Prince albums released today or catch up on the news this evening. In either case the incredible sound quality will make your jog a lot easier to take.

Having exercise equipment share a room with home theater equipment items from Pyle Audio are an incredible way to help get yourself, your husband, and the kids off the couch in a healthy way. Get started today by souping up your home entertainment system and start running!

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Replace Damaged or Outdated Mobile Audio Equipment

Mobile Audio EquipmentMost of us would never leave the window open if we were getting out of the car, even for a few minutes. Then again sometimes things just happen. You run into the deli to grab a coffee and your general grogginess leaves you acting irresponsibly. Suddenly your car’s interior, including that in dash receiver and other stereo equipment is damaged.

It is a lucky break then that Pyle Audio has affordable variations on all the necessary mobile audio equipment so important to driving comfortably. You can inexpensively replace that receiver while souping up your car altogether with fresh speakers, subwoofers, and so much more. While no one wants their car or their car audio system to be damaged, replacing it is easier and cheaper than ever before.

Check out Pyle Audio’s website for extensive info on the vast line of mobile audio products it manufactures and check out the site’s online store for heavily discounted refurbished products, that manage to have full warranties. Check out the site and start replacing your car’s damaged or merely outdated stereo system!

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An Autumn Mixtape

Outdoor Audio EquipmentWe always get amped up about summer music and summer mix tapes. Why not autumnal music?

There are a variety of songs that evoke the changing colors of leaves and the first bites of crispy fall air. There are also things like the return to school and Halloween to prepare for musically. Basically if you are looking to blast some soothing fall tunes out of your Bluetooth speakers or your headphones there are a lot of great options.

This month we’ve decided on the first half of a Fall Mixtape to End All Fall Mix Tapes, what would you add on?:

  1. Cat Stevens “The Wind”: You can hear leaves wafting on this wind.
  2. Yo La Tengo “Autumn Sweater”: This song sounds like the first cool night of the year.
  3. The White Stripes “We Are Gonna Be Friends”: Back to school and meeting new people.
  4. Belle and Sebastian “We Rule the School”: Back to school and dominating, quietly.
  5. Cat Power “Werewolf”: Spooky and haunting as dusk comes earlier and earlier.
  6. Beach House “Wishes”: A great crescendo to a stellar first half of a mixtape.

Check out Pyle Audio for all of your indoor and outdoor audio equipment needs!

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Bluetooth Speakers for Your Last Summer Blowout

Bluetooth SpeakersGetting ready for the last big party of the summer? Buying some steaks to grill and expecting a gaggle of your pals to come over to eat them?

No matter how you plan on enjoying the last hurrah of the summer season it is vital that you do so with music. Now is actually a great time to get some high quality Bluetooth speakers for versatile indoor and outdoor use.

Once you purchase high quality Bluetooth speakers you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. These speakers are not just meant for outdoor events. Instead they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be attached to most home entertainment centers to improve your television watching experience or they can be moved around the house as you need music in different rooms.

Check out the selection of Pyle Audio speakers to get some high quality audio equipment before the summer ends. The worst thing that could happen is you might just regret not doing so sooner.

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Backup Battery Charger

Backup Battery ChargerThese days your phone is more than it ever was before. In fact, it being a phone is the least of your concerns. Instead the ability to text, email, read, and, our favorite, listen to some tunes is what makes the phone a cornerstone of your daily life. Running low on battery power is absolutely not an option from there.

With a portable universal power backup battery charger you never have to worry about losing the communicative and entertaining power of your phone ever again. Pyle Audio is currently offering these fantastic new devices at great discounts to purchase directly from our website. Keep them in your car or in your purse and never worry about running out of battery power again!

Your phone is a part of you and everyone expects you to be available, able to get directions, and do a wide array of other things from wherever your are. Now you can be confident in your ability to do just that!

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Cover Your Mobile Audio Equipment

Mobile Audio EquipmentMobile audio equipment is better than ever. It is also more durable than ever. Alas, this still does not mean that we can leave piles of Bluetooth speakers and turntables in our convertibles during a rain storm.  It does mean that when you are cruising down the highway a little bump in the road should not interfere with whatever tunes you are cranking while you ride.

That said it is vitally important to cover your equipment during aggressive weather. Whether you are loading audio equipment into a boat, onto a motorcycle, or a car you should get yourself a cover for that vehicle to guarantee things stay safe. The safety of your equipment depends on a reliable vehicle cover. Pyle Audio’s dedication to offering you high quality equipment now extends to offering covers for your vehicle that can protect your equipment and you vehicle.

Check out our website for all of your audio equipment and audio equipment protection needs. We have products readily available for your purchase and we also have a wide array of options available through other retailers.

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PyleSports Camera

PyleSports CameraWhen you think home audio visual equipment you might not think camera. Yet here we are sporting a fantastic and versatile camera with the full functionality of a digital camcorder. It is the perfect way to bring your home videos up to par with the high quality digital entertainment available across a wide variety of platforms.

These cameras allow you to choose the quality of your video, from 1080, 720p, or VGA. Each have their benefits and drawbacks but no longer will you be married to the settings decided on by manufacturers. The cameras also come in stylish colors making them a perfect gift for people of any age who might appreciate the opportunity to capture memories or create something unique. One of the other fantastic benefits is that the cameras come with a remote making vlogging and selfies easier than ever!

This is an affordable and enjoyable camera that is easy to use and works as a great accessory to any trip or event. Right now the cameras are available directly from our website with a full one year warranty!

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Bluetooh Speakers for the Shower

Bluetooth SpeakerSinging in the shower is the best. Each morning millions of people walk into the shower feeling groggy and tired, but with the power of song can get the spring in their step a day needs. Of course singing in the shower is a lot easier with some solid tunes to sing along with. Pyle Audio has created a new Blutooth speaker that can hang right in your shower and sync to your phone or another audio source.

These stylish colorful speakers are perfect for everyone in your household to get a little bit of entertainment while they shower or bathe. Listen to the morning news, check out the latest episode of your favorite podcast, or just enjoy some Top 40 hits while you cleanup.

These Bluetooth speakers are available right now from our online store. We offer fully warrantied versions of these products at a stellar price. They make great gifts for almost anyone and are a great addition to your own restroom.

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Avoid Overheating Home Audio Equipment This Summer

Bluetooth SpeakersToo hot to leave the house? Now more than ever some good home theater equipment can make the day to day a lot easier to take. Parents with kids home from school need something to help occupy the kids and video games and television might not be the healthiest options but they certainly help you get things done.

Your summer home theater setup should be easy to use and stored in an air conditioned room. The tendency for equipment to overheat is not something one tends to worry about year round but even the best equipment can get a little warm during these summer months. Whether you are working with Bluetooth speakers or some other audio setup it is vital that the devices are turned off when not in use and kept out of the sun.

Your summer audio setup should not be much different than your winter audio setup, you might just want to be sure to leave it in a room that is a little cooler than the rest of your home.

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