Digital Video Cameras, Better Than Ever

Gear ProAdventure seekers everywhere are clamoring to capture their thrills on video. Of course, no one wants the thrill of a lifetime recorded on a low quality cellphone camera. Instead people are incorporating the high quality cinematic gloss of mini action cameras. These HD digital video cameras can be worn for incredible first person point of view video.

Whether you are a thrill seeking extreme sports enthusiast or a new parent looking to capture your child’s growth, these cameras are becoming an essential part of capturing the human experience. Even better Pyle has gone out of its way to make a model that is every bit as effective as the rest of those on the market and a whole lot more affordable.

If you are looking for a last minute gift or hoping to gift something to yourself, a brand new digital video camera like Pyle’s Gear Pro is sure to make you a hero of the holidays!

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Musical Instruments and More

Musician GearMusicians, even new musicians, can be very picky about the gear they trust. It makes sense. That instrument, those mics, that amplifier, are the only thing standing between you and embarrassment. So it should also stand to reason that these items can become pretty costly. Musicians have long paid top dollar for equipment they can feel comfortable relying on.

Pyle however thinks quality equipment and affordability need not be mutually exclusive. Our new section of musical equipment, like that of our home audio equipment, offers a variety of quality options at great prices. You can find instruments themselves like guitars, banjos, ukuleles, and drums, as well as a wide array of necessary accouterments. This goes beyond traditional items like cables and microphones and into things like mixers, stands, and tuning pedals.

Take a look at the section and find out if some of this incredible Pyle equipment is right for your band, your studio, or just your personal collection of gear.

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Great Devices for Outdoors

Devices for HikesEven as some areas become frozen tundras people still head out seeking adventure. That restless spirit that is in some of us can not be satiated by the simple pleasures of lounging around the house, enjoying the amenities of modern life from the comfort of home. That is not to say that these excitable travelers do not want the amenities, far from it.

In fact these days the amount of mobile audio equipment, as well as safety equipment and other tools, can make a well equipped hiker more technical than even the most souped up home theater.

There are portable speakers, action capturing outdoor cameras, and fitness and training sensors to consider. Luckily, all of these items are now available to you from our website’s Sports and Outdoor section!

Whether you are looking for some supplies for your next jog or hike we can help. If you know someone with a love for the outdoors you can help make their experiences better by buying some fantastic gifts. In each case Pyle has committed itself to make products that the adventurers in our life and yours can rely on!

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Check Out Our Improved Mobile Audio Section

Mobile AudioFor many customers Pyle Audio became a part of their life when they wanted a better car stereo. Our mobile audio equipment is virtually unmatched in the industry with fantastic equipment for cars, boats, even motorcycles. As with all of our equipment we take in the industry trends and our own expertise to guarantee high quality, long lasting audio equipment that can make commuting more fun.

Each and every one of us has reveled in the moment when a beloved song hits the stereo receiver in our car. Whether it is being played via Bluetooth on our phone or by the local FM station there is just nothing like cruising with your favorite soundtrack following you everywhere.

If you are in the market for an affordable upgrade to your car stereo we can definitely help. Check out our incredible selection of items that fit into any make or model of cars and other vehicles!

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Home and Office

Home Audio EquipmentIn an effort to highlight the new ways our site has evolved we are looking over the sections for the next couple of weeks to give you a better idea of your browsing options. The first section we decided to look at was “Home and Office,” your safe havens (hopefully) for enjoying audio entertainment and more. This section is rather expansive offering sub-categories that will sprawl out to display our wide variety of products.

This means that the “Home and Office” section has everything from projectors and TVs to specific cables and power adapters. The items obviously do not end there, amplifiers, microphones, Bluetooth speakers, even wall plates and in-wall controls are available. There is a wide array of products but the lucky break is they are now easier to find than ever before.

If you are interested in shopping the site for other products we will be going over those in coming weeks. Right now we encourage you to jump around the site for yourself. You are bound to find something you and the family could use in your home entertainment arsenal or maybe something to help make the workday go by a little faster!

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Check Out Our Updated Site!

Home Audio EquipmentIn a continued effort to make our web presence easier to traverse we have gone and spruced up our website. If you check out our homepage we have added a variety of subsections that can be easily explored. Whether you are looking for a new set of Bluetooth speakersfor the office or an affordable guitar for an aspiring rock star you can find it in these easy subsections.

While mobile audio equipment remains a cornerstone of our business our site now more accurately reflects the diversity of content available from Pyle. We offer audio equipment and so much more to make your office, car, home, or anywhere else you find yourself a better place to be. Shop around for a wide variety of high quality equipment that combines style, affordability, and quality into great packages perfect for gifts or for yourself!

We encourage our customers both new and old to check out the improvements of our site. More importantly we want to hear what you like about the changes.

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Backup Battery Makes a Great Gift!

Backup Battery ChargerThe gift giving season will be here before you know it. For every person on your list there is likely a sentimental and perfect gift that will bring a tear to his or her eyes. For most of us discovering what that gift is happens to be completely impossible. Luckily there are more practical alternatives that might just get more use than even the most perfect and thoughtful gift.

Pyle’s Universal Power Bank Back Up Battery Charger just happens to be one of them. These days anyone who is anyone has a deep need for some extra juice in their smartphones. Even if you aren’t burning out your iPhone battery there are uses for this nifty device. Power up Bluetooth speakers, portable video game platforms, flashlights and so much more.

If you are at a loss for any of the people on your gift list this year than this backup battery charger is an absolutely perfect gift. It is practical, surprising, and easy to use!

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Upcoming New Music for Audiophiles

Home Audio EquipmentWith the fall in full swing there is a lot of talk of big new music releases coming down the pipeline. In every case these new releases are putting increased emphasis on the importance of vinyl releases. The result is nicer packaged music than we have seen in some time and a real reason to outfit your home with a stylish retro style turntable.

We thought we would look at some of the biggest and most anticipated releases of the year to show you just some examples of things you should be looking forward to:

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Bluetooth Speaker for the Shower or Bath

Bluetooth SpeakersAs swimming season seems further and further behind us our time in the tub, be it a shower or a long soothing bath, seems more and more important. We want to get all of the rejuvenating energy we sometimes rely on water for in a shorter period of time. It is that kind of therapeutic relaxation that we want to make better and Pyle Audio has the perfect item to do just that.

With our waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the shower, tub, or anywhere you might fear your audio equipment could get wet, you can get cozy and listen to some relaxing music while bathing or soaking. The speaker is perfect for anyone who relies on  a nightly bath to unwind or someone who likes to hop in the shower and get their news at the same time. You can play anything you want from your smartphone or other Bluetooth device without fear of getting those items wet!

Check out our online shop for heavily discounted Bluetooth speakers today!

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Can Home Theater Equipment Help You Get In Shape?

Home Theater EquipmentYou spent a lot of money on that treadmill in the basement, yet it sits collecting dust. You need to motivate yourself and the rest of the family to do some exercise and the answer might be the kind of home theater equipment that turns the treadmill into a great opportunity to catch up on television or rock out.

With some kicking Bluetooth speakers and your home entertainment system the treadmill can be a healthy experience that also happens to be pretty fun. Listen to the two new Prince albums released today or catch up on the news this evening. In either case the incredible sound quality will make your jog a lot easier to take.

Having exercise equipment share a room with home theater equipment items from Pyle Audio are an incredible way to help get yourself, your husband, and the kids off the couch in a healthy way. Get started today by souping up your home entertainment system and start running!

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