Beginners Guitars and Other Instruments!

Beginner GuitarsBuying your son or daughter a musical instrument can open up a whole new world of expression. It can improve their focus, enhance their academic performance, and help them build a better social life. It could also end up on a shelf or in a closet never to be used again. The dedication of a young musician can be quite hard to gauge before they get an instrument and that is why our audio equipment experts have designed durable and stylish instruments that are decidedly affordable.

When you make a purchase like this you want to encourage your child but you also do not want a financial weight pushing you to be unnecessarily pushy about playing. With our beginner guitars you can be encouraging without being overbearing.

Even better we have packages that include cables, amps, and cases so there will not be much accessorizing once the instrument has gotten into your son or daughter’s hands. It is a great opportunity at a great value! What more could the next John Mayer or Kacey Musgraves ask for?

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Sound Proof Your Home Studio

Wall PanelWith recording technology more affordable and more portable than it has ever been before the home studio is no longer the pet project of millionaire musicians and hobbyists with extra space. These days everywhere from tiny apartments in Brooklyn and basements in Los Angeles are housing studios used to record podcasts, remixes, and the next big SoundCloud stars.

As those studios land in smaller and more populace places the need for sound dampening gear is greater than ever before. Luckily along with all of our great home studio gear Pyle offers a variety of helpful products to make your home studio the insular recording space it needs to be and not a neighbor rattling nightmare that has long limited home recording in shared spaces.

Everything from sound absorbing wall panel to speaker stabilizers are available in our long and varied line of recording equipment. In each case the items are engineered to allow sound to sit in your recording room comfortably and keep the bleed through of shouting neighbors and passing traffic out!

If you are building a home studio Pyle’s equipment is perfect. Affordable, durable, and capable of helping you accomplish your many goals, we are here to help you facilitate a great home recording experience!

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Protecting Your Hearing and Sound Meters

Sound MeterFor decades it seemed that no one was concerned about preserving their hearing. People worked in loud factories with no auditory protection to speak of. Train conductors allowed the clanking of steel to rattle in their ears for several hours a day. Even musicians, who should have been monitoring such things all the more closely, allowed the explosion of feedback and smashing drums decimate their ears for years.

Hearing loss, in those days, was imminent and unavoidable.

These days everyone from employers to indie rock musicians takes steps to preserve his or her hearing in loud situations. From large sound muffling cans to small earplugs there are steps one can take to fully protect their hearing. Even more important though is understanding which environments these steps are needed.

A sound level meter can help out a lot. By identifying where one needs to protect their hearing these machines can help you better plan for loud work or voluminous entertainment.

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Bluetooth Speakers for the Pool, Aqua Blast

Bluetooth SpeakersIt is probably a little early to get your pool ready for the summer but that time is just around the corner. As you are cleaning filters, pealing the cover off, adding chemicals to ensure water is clean and swimmable now is a good time to think about entertaining. Buying pool toys and other adornments is a great start but entertainment for yourself and guests should go a little farther.

This is why we have these incredible floating portable Aqua Blast Bluetooth speakers. These waterproof devices can pair with your smartphone’s music player or podcast app to allow you to enjoy music and more from the comfort of your pool. The small items are way louder than their convenient size might suggest.

Available in black, white, blue and green these speakers will definitely be the best addition to your swimming this summer. Setup classic music mixes or listen to the baseball game in the sun!

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Own Sound Equipment So Any Room’s Your Stage!

MicrophonesPerformers need to perform. As a result musicians, comedians, poets, actors, and others often find themselves making the most out of difficult situations. Setting up a stage in the corner of their local bar or turning a VFW hall into a theater may seem unforgiving but it has been a platform to launch from for many artists and entertainers we know really well.

Of course in many of these situations the venue can only provide the space. PA systems, sound mixers, even microphones are not the first thing on the minds of business owners. It is just one reason that it pays to have your own equipment as a performer. With your own microphone, PA, mic stand, and mixer you can make any room into your next performance space.

In some cases even the most alternative venue might have a meager sound setup. Even still owning these pieces of equipment can help assure that faulty gear does not take down your whole show.

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Our Astro Kids Tablet Is a Great Education Tool

Kid's TabletA tablet is an amazing tool and entertainment device all in one. For any adult with one foot in cyberspace and an active lifestyle these devices have become as essential as proper computers. Understanding the devices is easy initially but developing the expertise of exactly how all of the functions work might take years.

That is why it is important to give young kids a chance to acquaint themselves with technology now. As they discover and develop they will build up important skills in using these devices. Eventually this will lead children to be better at handling these essentially pieces of equipment as they evolve throughout their lives. Pyle’s Astro 7″ Tablet is an ideal starter kit for parents looking to raise tech savvy tykes.

The tablet has 3D graphics that will entertain but also a variety of other functions that will educate your kids not just about technology but reading, math, science and more! Check out these great devices on our site and purchase one for your future little genius.

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Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure MonitorThere is an awful lot of people out there with blood pressure that is too high or too low. For each of these people the inevitable spikes or dips in their blood pressure is a consistent health concern that should be monitored with some regularity. Alas, you cannot monitor your blood pressure on your own.

Pyle has expanded its product line into the world of health and fitness products with scales, thermometers, hearing aides, and blood pressure monitors. These helpful devices are a great tool to help people get their blood pressure into a healthy place by first becoming aware of their body’s unique variables. Once you are aware of the way certain foods and activities can alter your blood pressure you are in a better position to manage it.

For people monitoring their blood pressure things like supplements and dietary adjustments can go a long way in improving things. First however, you need to be fully understanding of where the issues come from. With one of these blood pressure monitors you will be in a much better position to monitor and then improve your health.

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Do You Need a Megaphone?

MegaphonesWhen you think of Pyle you probably think of booming car sound systems and stylish high quality turntables. What you might not think of is a variety of gadgets to use in the great outdoors. Among our favorite items is the variety of megaphones and bullhorns we manufacture.

These are incredibly effective tools in emergency situations and beyond. Our megaphones can help emergency service workers manage a crisis or help a foreman on a construction site keep everyone working efficiently and effectively. The volume that you can get out of a bullhorn or a megaphone can also help small businesses get noticed, though one might consider being sparing on this use.

No matter what your intended use is buying a megaphone can be more affordable and helpful than you ever thought. Check out our stellar selection of these helpful devices, You can also explore the wealth of other gadgets that can make working or playing outdoors easier and safer!

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Affordable Podcast Equipment for a Radio Revolution

Podcast EquipmentLast fall a cultural phenomenon seemed to spring out of nowhere. Suddenly people in your office, at the store, and on your Facebook feed were deeply invested in a murder case that was several years old. Serial, a podcast produced and hosted by Sarah Koenig, was the biggest thing the nascent platform of podcasting had ever seen.

Podcasts are not particularly new of course. Over the last decade comedians, scientists, and a wealth of other people have tackled the medium and brought in thousands of listeners. Now however, the podcasting world seems to have broken through in a mainstream way. The results are likely a lot of people looking to find their place in the very open sourced world.

As a purveyor of affordable professional audio equipment Pyle is very interested in helping to fuel this radio revolution. Our sound mixers, microphones, and headphones already occupy makeshift podcasting studios across the country. Each item is affordable enough to help keep the medium thriving off of the openness that will make it so different than the radio of the past!

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Get Ready for Boat Season with Waterproof Audio Equipment

Waterproof Audio EquipmentBoating season can seem so far away during these wintery months. It can start to feel like you will never get back out on the water, where you feel your most happy. That’s the thing about people who pilot their own boat, there is just no where we would rather be. It is that passion that keeps us looking, time and time again, for all of the new bells and whistles our boat needs.

This year we are thinking some souped up marine audio equipment is called for. Not only is cranking up your favorite tunes on the high seas the best, it is also affordable these days. You can get fantastic amplifiers and receivers that are waterproof. No longer do you have to boat slowly because you happen to be lugging a bunch of entertainment equipment. It is now time to just get out there and enjoy the ride and whatever it is you want to listen to.

Our site recently underwent some work in order to make things easier to find and a marine audio site section is now available. Check it out!

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